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Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade Curriculum

Language and Literacy Skills

  • Identifying and writing alphabets with letter/sound correlation

  • Identifying and practicing beginning sounds

  • Identifying and practicing ending sounds

  • Reading simple sentences and paragraphs 

  • Using word-wheels and word-slides

  • Practicing short vowel words

  • Practicing long vowel sounds 

  • Writing simple sentences

  • Learning about synonyms

  • Learning about antonyms

  • Phonemic awareness

  • Introduction to Poems

  • Introduction to Prose

  • Vocabulary


  • Capitalizing (first word, I, special names)

  • Parts of a story (learning to write titles)

  • Writing little booklets and journal writing 

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Exclamation sentences

  • Grasping sight words 

  • Reading phonetically

  • Periods




  • Understanding colors (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary)

  • Classification and Patterns

  • Sorting and estimating.

  • Recognizing and understanding of numbers 1-1000

  • Identifying ones, tens, hundreds, thousands

  • Rounding numbers to the nearest 10’s

  • Ordering numbers

  • Understanding addition and addition sentences

  • Understanding subtraction concepts

  • Exploring multiplication and division

  • Identifying simple geometric shapes

  • Exploring symmetry

  • Identifying and labeling fractional parts

  • Learning about calendar (identifying months, weeks, days, year, and date)

  • Exploring measurement such as a) weight (scale in pounds) b) length (feet and inches) c) learning about money (coins) d) Telling time (clocks) e) Temperature (thermometer).

  • Learning about data collection, reading graphs, (Bar graphs and Venn diagrams)



  • Identifying living things and non-living things

  • Identifying body parts and their functions

  • Fresh water habitat and Marine habitat

  • Learning about invertebrates

  • Learning about vertebrates

  • Farm animals, wild animals

  • Identifying local animals

  • Learning about fossils

  • Prehistoric animals

  • Evolution

  • Ecosystems.

  • Astronomy


Social Studies


  • Learning about land forms (Plateaus, mountains, hills, valleys, glaciers).

  • Exploring bodies of water –River, lake, Sea, oceans, estuaries.

  • Major storms- (cyclones, hurricanes, Typhoons and blizzard).

  • Learning about Natural disasters (Earth quakes and Val cones, Floods, Tsunamis).

  • Countries and their capitals

  • Religions around the world.

  • US states and capitals

  • Maps and directions

  • Community helpers

  • World cultures

  • Continents

  • Oceans

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