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Snack Menu


- string cheese and fruits

- Fruits and  crackers

- Edamame beans

-Avocado toasts

-Fruit smoothies

Lunch Menu

Day 1:  Asian style Stir fry rice / noodles with vegetables, fruits and milk or a cup of yogurt 

Day 2:  Pasta with Marinara sauce with vegetables (optional meatballs) with fruits and milk/ yogurt

Day 3:  Sandwiches accompanied with  bowl of salad with fruits and milk /yogurt.

Day 4:  Taco/ Burrito with organic seasonal vegetables on the side( fruits and milk).

Day 5:  Homemade potato wedges, soup, garlic bread a cup of milk and fruits.

Day 6:  Naan, curried / vegetables/ meat/ fish/ cup of yogurt/ milk and fruits.

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