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Welcome to Orion Montessori, Kirkland

Explore! Experiment! Excel! 

​Orion Montessori provides a strong foundation for children by creating a love for lifelong learning. We strive for academic excellence, develop good habits and teach kids learn life skills. We stimulate children's curiosity and help them grow into independent individuals. We inspire children to love nature, demonstrate innovation and be creative. We are private bilingual school in State of Washington.

We are a unique learning center where every child receives personal care and touch from fully qualified, experienced and teachers in a welcoming and secure environment.

Teachers and staff of Orion Montessori are dedicated to challenge and support children both academically and emotionally. Teachers here get to know each child deeply, understand their unique skills, ideas, talents, sensitivities and creativity. 

Why choose Orion Montessori?

  • We have safe, beautiful, clean, well lit spaces. We have special Covid-19 safety protocols.

  • We are licensed by the state since 2007.

  • Our staff are all Early Learning professionals with several trainings (including first aid, CPR , food handlers certifications). Your child's safety is our number one priority.

  • The teachers and staff are passionate about their work.

  • Our campus is completely pesticide free. It is certified wildlife habitat by National Wildlife Federation.

  • Our facility is equipped with tons of educational materials to keep your children learning.

  • Our goal is to help children develop good habits that last a lifetime.

Our Vision


Orion Montessori students are confident, conscientious and responsible citizens prepared to excel in ever changing world. 

Our Mission


Empower children to become intellectually capable and responsible individuals who can make the world a better place to live in. 

Enable children to explore, experiment and excel.


Provide children the academic advantage so that they can succeed in world.


Orion Montessori school is very passionate about their work. Their high energy and passion  is reflected in the personalized attention each child deserves. My own daughter who was stuck with some issues was able to overcome the hurdle with Shantha’s unique ability to identify and provide the right guidance at the right time. She as a teacher determines each students’ innate abilities and help them excel in that dimension while ensuring they get the basic training in all accounts such as academic foundation, positive habits and social skills. This prepares each kid to move to elementary school feeling confident and being able to achieve. Having seen her very closely, I highly recommend her. It is hard to find such cares in today’s fast paced world where parents can be assured that their kid will come back home everyday with a new skill/knowledge that will help them succeed in the school and later in life.

Anita Singh

Shantha provides outstanding child care and takes wonderful care of my child. Highest recommendation!

Kerry Kim

I would highly recommend Orion Montessori to any parents with small children. Shantha is extremely dedicated and passionate about the school, and it is easy to see how much she enjoys teaching and being with her kids. Orion Montessori has a safe, peaceful, rich learning environment that will immediately engage a child. There are a variety of indoor and outdoor activities geared towards development of independence and self-confidence. The class spaces are open and airy; there is plenty of opportunity to get up, move around, and spread out with your projects. 

Shantha herself is highly educated with many years of experience in childhood education. She believes in encouraging children to explore their strengths, whether that be social, mathematics or creative. If you're looking for a Montessori, this school is truly worth considering.

Maitreyee. S

Shantha is an amazing and very experienced teacher! She also has a strong passion for teaching and helping kids flourish. I loved Orion Montessori's new facility and its playground. The school is super bright, clean and safe! You can tell everything was designed with love, attention to details and with the little kids in mind!Shantha provides outstanding child care and takes wonderful care of my child. Highest recommendation!

Melissa. V

 Very clean place And professionally trained teacher available. Small group setting and lunch provided. Enthusiastic teacher. Quality curriculum that individually modified. My kids love the place and they wish to be there everyday.provides outstanding child care and takes wonderful care of my child. Highest recommendation!

David. L

 Orion Kids, previously known as Kinderactivity is an excellent preschool/daycare. The owner is a talented educator who supports each student's academic and social emotional progress. I would highly recommend this preschool/ day care. Pathak is a detail-oriented person, never losing sight of the children's care in terms of health and comfort as well as providing appropriate learning opportunities. This same detail-oriented attitude extends to her attention and success with the business aspects of the job.

Pushpanjali S.
Xiaqing Z.

Although we set out looking for a day care we ended e up finding an educational  preschool that cares about my son's academic achievement even more than we do. Now my two-year-and-nine-month-old boy knows letters and phonics, spells a couple words, counts to 100 forward and backward, and sings a couple English rhymes. I can tell that he has been exposed in a highly stimulating environment that has motivated him to learn a lot. I can also tell that he learned all these in a happy non-forcing way, as based on my understanding of his personality he wouldn't learn if he's not willing to. They are also trying to get him to start writing!


From the photos that Shantha sent back, they have had imaginary trips to Antarctica, Africa, deep sea, forest etc. When it was fall they counted leaves. When it snowed they played sensory games with snow. When spring finally came they planted flowers in the garden. There's always something exciting happening here.


A lot of the toys they have are Montessori materials that have educational purposes so that kids learn about math or language while they play. Shantha also continues to invest in models and specimens for different themes.


My son has built strong bond with his teachers and other kids. He was treated gently and with love by bigger kids and learned to comfort smaller kids when they cried. My son has grown so much in so many aspects since he started going to school and we are so happy with our experience with Orion.

My son started at Orion about two months back. Let me first tell you that we absolutely love this place and admire all their staff members. Shantha is always there to greet you with a smile every morning and is very experienced in educational as well as early childhood development aspects.


Kids in this childcare are well taken care off, provided with variety of nutritious/yummy meals, engaged in interesting learning activities and learning an advanced curriculum by practicing both reading and writing.


My son is excited every morning to go to school.

Would certainly recommend to families who are looking for excellent childcare.

Jaspreet K.

My 3-year old loves going to Orion for all the engaging activities carried out by the staff. It is a home-based pre-school with sufficient space for most of the activities a preschooler could engage in. Well trained staff who are perceptive to the needs of different kids. Staff is able to balance between academic, physical and psychological development of kids. Would definitely recommend this pre-school. I have seen a few kids (including my own) who are apprehensive/throw tantrums on first few days at Orion but quickly get adjusted to the lovely environment and begin to enjoy their time there.

Yashavantha S.
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